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Service Management

Projects to support priority

Our goal is to implement ServiceNow to transform and unify service management for University IT and the broader campus community.

The desired future state will help to create operational efficiencies, reduce duplicative efforts, and improve the overall client experience. Other objectives for this future state include the following:

  • Support groups and service teams at all levels will provide the best in class service expected at a world-class institution such as Stanford.
  • University IT will have a service portfolio whereby clients are delighted with the experience and value they receive from every service.
  • Services will be supported by a “best practice” framework, which includes both unified processes and a leading edge service management system.
  • A team of service designers and developers will help services align within the framework.
  • Service teams will have the ability to systematically measure and continuously improve their services.
Project/Description Key Dates Contacts

Business Affairs
Implement Stanford Services Portal, Incident, Request, and Knowledge for twelve campus partners with IT organizations

Go-Live: 7/31/17 Kathy Pappas-Kassaras

Business Affairs
Implement Stanford Services Portal, Incident, Request, and Knowledge for two campus partners with non- IT organizations

Go-Live: 3/31/18 Kathy Pappas-Kassaras

Business Affairs
Complete Advanced Reporting Strategy and Implementation Project Charter. This strategy, which includes tool selection, will facilitate the expansion of ServiceNow’s existing reporting to include at least trend reporting and key metrics/KPIs.

Go-Live: 8/31/17 Kathy Pappas-Kassaras

Business Affairs
Complete implementation of at least Phase 1 of Advanced Reporting Strategy. (Phase 1 will be defined in the Charter, per #3 above)

Go-Live: 8/15/18 Kathy Pappas-Kassaras
Complete requirements/design phase for replacing PMG (OrderIT) with ServiceNow (for UIT billable services) Go-Live: 3/31/18 Kathy Pappas-Kassaras

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Last modified August 31, 2017