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Stay Safe From Phishing, You Must

Take a famous Jedi master’s advice to stay safe from phishing this May the 4th, you should.
Thursday, May 4, 2023

May the 4th be with you


Hmm. A serious matter, this is. The dark side of the internet, it is.

Phishing, a clever trap, it is. To trick you into revealing your personal information, the goal is. Your passwords, your credit card numbers, your identity, they seek. 

But fear not: protect yourself, you can. Awareness, the key, it is. 

Know the signs of phishing, you must:

  • Emails or messages from unknown sources, they often come. 
  • Urgent requests for personal information, they make. 
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes, they have. 
  • Links to unknown websites, they include.

Pause, you must. Think, you must. 

Before clicking on any link, verify you should. A trusted source, it must be. Hover over the link, you can. A preview, it will show. Match the URL, it should. A mismatch? A red flag, it is.

In doubt, contact the source directly, you should. Their official website, visit you must. Their contact information, verify you should. A phone call or email, you can make. Confirm the request, you must.

Protect yourself, you must. Update your software, you should. Antivirus and firewalls, use them you must. Passwords, strong and unique, they must be. Two-factor authentication, enable you should.

To stay safe from phishing, use the Force, you must. Awareness, caution, and protection, the pillars of safety, they are. 

May the Force be with you, always. Hmm.


(Article assisted by ChatGPT. And the Force.)

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