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A Simplified Way to Reserve Rooms at SRWC

Friday, July 24, 2020

If you’re working onsite, you will soon notice a new look and feel to the room scheduling panels at Stanford Redwood City (SRWC). 

Starting Monday, July 27, University IT (UIT) will begin migrating the panel application from Teem to Fusion. The new application offers the same user-friendly room-scheduling experience at a fraction of the cost. 

What to expect

Fusion brings capabilities to:

  • Book rooms with touch-screen functionality for ad hoc meetings
  • Use Office 365 to integrate pre-planned meetings
  • Clearly see the window of availability or timeframe of reserved events
  • Display the room calendar for a view of the full day’s events

Migration schedule

One week has been designated for migration in each of the four buildings at SRWC. During that week, panels will go dark and in-room displays will continue to show meeting information. Once fully transitioned, panels will reboot with the new application and functionality.

Updates to building panels will occur during the following dates: 

  • Cardinal Hall: July 27 through July 30
  • University Hall: August 3 through August 7
  • Discovery Hall: August 10 through August 14
  • Academy Hall: August 17 through August 21

Upcoming advancements

To further improve the user experience, UIT is exploring other enhancements to help you book the best room for your meeting when we’re all back together onsite again. This includes features that let you see the technology, chair type, and occupancy of each room — right from the scheduling panel or your Office 365 window.

If you have ideas or suggestions for improvements, UIT Video Services wants to hear from you. Please submit a ticket with feedback here

Learn more

For more information on room scheduling, visit UIT’s Enhanced Room Scheduling page

To find out how to schedule an ad hoc meeting in Fusion, click here

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