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Services & Support Portal Serves You Better

New features plus University HR support
Monday, April 30, 2018

A recent release of ServiceNow (SNOW) brought new functionality to the Services & Support portal. You can now:

  • Request help from University Human Resources (UHR)
  • Add frequently used forms and articles to a favorites list
  • Quickly switch to the fulfiller view of ServiceNow, if you are a someone who responds to SNOW tickets

Request help from UHR

The new Human Resources and Benefits catalog lets you ask questions and request services related to human resources activities. The catalog includes links to common questions and forms, as well as a search function where you can type a question or request.

If you don’t find what you are looking for by searching, click on the category that applies to your question or request. You may find knowledge articles that provide the information you need to resolve the question on your own, and forms to submit a request if you need help from a UHR team member.

Switch to the fulfiller view

As a fulfiller, if you’ve ever accidentally clicked on the link to a ticket and found yourself on the Services & Support portal instead of in the ServiceNow fulfiller view, you’ll love the new Fulfiller Login feature. When you are viewing the portal, you can quickly switch to the fulfiller view. Simply click your user profile and select Fulfiller Login. You’ll be taken directly to your ServiceNow workspace where you can access and respond to tickets.

Stay tuned: more features and functionality to come

Soon, support for Student Services will be added to the portal. Additional features are planned for later this year.

Learn more

To learn more about how to use the enhanced Stanford Services & Support portal, watch this video series.

The ServiceNow project kicked off in September 2015 as part of UIT’s Service Management Initiative, a multi-year effort to improve how Stanford provides and maintains our services. For more information about this initiative and to view current and past communications, see the project website.

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