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Latest Firefox Version Simplifies Cardinal Key Setup on Macs

Thursday, April 9, 2020
Cardinal Key

It just became easier to use Cardinal Key in Firefox on your Mac. The April 7 release of Firefox version 75 includes full support for Cardinal Keys, which eliminates several setup steps with prior versions of the browser. For the updated instructions, visit Install a Cardinal Key on a Mac.

Simpler and safer logins

A Cardinal Key reduces or eliminates the need to use your SUNet ID and password for web-based logins and eliminates the need to use your username, password, and two-step authentication for VPN connections.

With a Cardinal Key, you skip the Stanford Login page entirely, only needing to respond to the occasional two-step prompt. With passwordless logins, Cardinal Key also helps protect you against phishing, which is the single greatest threat to your privacy and cybersecurity today.

Learn more

You can learn more about Cardinal Key at

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