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Ivy+ Cybersecurity & Privacy Festival: The Future of Work

Monday, August 30, 2021

Living in a hybrid world, much of our professional and personal lives take place online. You may be comfortable working and playing in the digital universe, but are you prepared to defend yourself against the latest privacy and cybersecurity threats? 

This year, Stanford has partnered with leading universities around the country to bring you the 2021 Cybersecurity & Privacy Festival. The two-day gathering will take place online Oct. 19 and 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., featuring engaging discussions with subject matter experts.

What to expect

You’ll find an impressive menu of talks and workshops, including: 

  • Data privacy: The latest updates from the world of social engineering, including what you need to know about geolocation, and the inside scoop on what you give up when you sign up for apps
  • Cybersecurity in the workplace: Endpoint security, network security, server security, and website security
  • Cybersecurity in the home: Securing your wireless network, BYOD devices, mobile devices, and online gaming
  • Ransomware attacks: How it happens, how it impacts the organization, and how you can recover

You will learn:

  • How to decrease your exposure to cyber threats
  • Surprising ways that you could be exposing yourself and your personal data to cyber attacks
  • What happens when your systems are compromised and cyber attackers demand a ransom to release your data
  • Straightforward and effective security tools and resources that you can start using today 
  • How Stanford and other institutions are working together to protect our communities and the data we are entrusted with

Stay tuned to the Cybersecurity & Privacy Festival website for a list of speakers, topics, and workshops.

How can I register?

Register via the Cybersecurity & Privacy Festival website. All Stanford University, Stanford Medicine, SLAC, and Ivy+ communities are invited to attend.

Contact us

Submit your questions to our event coordinators.


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