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The First SNOWfall of 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

On January 29, you might have noticed some changes to the Stanford Services portal. First, the name changed to Stanford Services & Support to more accurately reflect all of the services and support that users can access using the portal. The bigger change was the addition of the Finance and Payroll button on the home page.

This change to the portal reflects the adoption of ServiceNow (SNOW) by the teams that support finance and payroll questions at Stanford. Thus, the first SNOWfall of 2018!

Requesting finance and payroll help

If you need help with finance and payroll activities, you can now ask questions and request services using the brand new Finance & Payroll Support Catalog. When you access the catalog, you can put your question or request in the search box, or click on common questions and forms that are listed.

If you don’t find what you are looking for by searching, click on the category that applies to your question or request. You will find knowledge articles that might provide you the information you need to resolve the question on your own, and forms to submit a ticket if you need help from a team member.

More SNOW to come

More SNOWfall is predicted in 2018, as the addition of finance and payroll to the Services & Support portal is just the beginning. In April, you will be able to get help with Human Resources questions, and shortly after that Student Services will be reflected on the portal as well. The addition of Facilities and Student Housing is scheduled to be the last SNOWfall of the year.

Learn more

To learn more about how to use the Stanford Services & Support portal, watch this video series.

The ServiceNow project kicked off in September 2015 as part of UIT’s Service Management Initiative, a multi-year effort to improve how we provide and maintain our services. For more information about this initiative and to view current and past communications, see the project website.

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