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Cardinal Flex Your Shared Workspaces

New service simplifies managing and reserving shared workspaces
Monday, July 18, 2022

The hybrid workplace model — one that mixes remote and in-office work locations — is rapidly becoming part of the new Stanford normal. For many university staff members, it offers flexibility that results in an improved work/life balance, greater engagement, and increased productivity. 

For space administrators, it offers new challenges. 

For Land, Buildings, and Real Estate (LBRE) and University IT (UIT), it offers opportunity.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, our work environment must continue to be flexible and adapt to the variety of ways each of us work,” said Dave Lenox, University Architect and Executive Director for Campus Planning and Design. “As we explore opportunities to use space more effectively, the model of one dedicated workspace per person may need to be adjusted in some areas, particularly if the space is only being occupied one or two days per week. This new reservation tool is offered to complement and support these improvements.”

Introducing Cardinal Flex

In partnership with LBRE, UIT is introducing the Cardinal Flex Workspace Reservation service. This tool enables space administrators to manage their shared workspaces easily, and staff without a dedicated workspace to quickly find and reserve a shared workspace for days when they are in a campus office. 

Using Cardinal Flex, space administrators can:

  • Upload a list of shared workspaces in their area, including the resources available at each workspace (e.g., docking station, dual monitors, sit/stand desk, guest seating)
  • Add, change, remove authorized users for local, shared workspaces and restrict space reservations to specifically authorized individuals (using SUNet ID as the identifier)
  • Add visual floor plans to help workers select among the locations
  • Produce and download reports on the use of space

Workers can:

  • See the visual floor plans with available workspaces, including floor location and associated resources
  • Search for nearby colleagues with whom they may be collaborating
  • Reserve a space for their individual use

Getting started

Departments or units wanting to use Cardinal Flex for the shared workspaces they manage should submit a Help request.

UIT will work with you to upload your available spaces and authorized users and get you Cardinal Flexing quickly.

More information

For more details about Cardinal Flex, visit UIT’s Cardinal Flex Workspace Reservation System service page.

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