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Adobe Products More Affordable Than Ever

Monday, July 1, 2019

In the four months since University IT (UIT) signed a new enterprise agreement with Adobe, faculty and staff have purchased more than 1,400 licenses for Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro, collectively saving Stanford an estimated $215,000.

Thanks to the new enterprise agreement, one-year licenses are just $35 for Acrobat Pro, and $150 for the Creative Cloud, which includes tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. Outside of this agreement, Stanford employees are paying an average of $180 to $300 respectively for these annual licenses on their own.

Earlier this year, Margaret Bettencourt, stewardship coordinator for Medical Center Development at Stanford, would have renewed her agreement with Adobe for 12 Creative Cloud licenses at a cost of almost $5,500. Instead, Bettencourt leveraged UIT’s new enterprise agreement and purchased 12 licenses for just $1,800, a 66 percent reduction.

“Going through UIT enabled us to save more than half of what we were paying previously when we contracted directly with Adobe for our team license,” she said. “The cost savings was a big benefit to our team, and the process was straightforward and easy to implement.”

Colleen Coffey, director of communications at the Haas Center for Public Service, agreed.

“I was thrilled to get the Creative Cloud subscription due to the incredible work of UIT,” she said. “It is wonderful to have the latest design tools without it being prohibitively expensive - truly Stanford working at its best.”

John Freshwaters, chief information officer for the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, added:

"Understanding and purchasing the appropriate license for Adobe products has been both a challenge and an identified pain point at Stanford. The new Adobe agreement greatly simplifies the purchasing process and reduces the licensing fees for valued productivity and collaboration tools for our faculty and staff."

Start saving

Take advantage of the discounted rates for these popular applications by purchasing them through the Software Licensing Webstore.

If you have an Adobe license nearing expiration, do not auto-renew. Instead, cancel your subscription and purchase a new one through the Software Licensing Webstore.

If you recently renewed your Adobe license, Adobe has a 14-day cancellation policy; otherwise, you’ll need to wait to renew with UIT when your license expires.

Spread the word

UIT wants to get the word out about these discounted rates as broadly as possible to university staff and faculty, so you and your teams – and the university overall – can realize even greater savings. Share this opportunity with your teams and through your own internal channels.

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