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Log in to WordPress

Log in

Once your WordPress site is installed and configured, you will receive a confirmation email with the site URL along with the administrator account username and password. The URL will also be displayed at the top of the configuration confirmation page.

To get started, visit the site URL of your site. You should see your WordPress site in the Stanford Lagunita theme. To administer your site or edit the site content, click Log in under the Meta section in the right sidebar.

  • If you enabled the WebAuth option in your site request, you will go through WebAuth and be able to log into the WordPress administration dashboard using your SUNet ID and password.
  • If you did not enable WebAuth, use the administrator account username and password sent to you in the confirmation email.

Note: if you are having trouble figuring out how to log in, append /wp-admin after your site URL to access the WordPress Administration Screens.

Explore and learn more

Once you are logged in, you can explore the WordPress interface by creating new posts and pages as well as choose from the different themes that are installed. You can learn more about WordPress by visiting the online manual for WordPress, WordPress Codex, a living repository for WordPress information and documentation.

If you need to extend WordPress' functionality or change its appearance, you can install new plugins or themes.

For help, submit a Help ticket or visit the Stanford University WordPress Community of Practice.

Last modified May 12, 2017