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Smartsheet Tip

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Automated workflows in Smartsheet allow you to update specific cells on your sheet, helping to remove manual effort and keeping your data current.

With the newly-added Change Cell Value option, those with Admin or Owner access to a Smartsheet can automatically change the value in any cell when another cell is updated. 

For example
You’re working on a project task, and have a “Status” column (with “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Complete” as the drop-down options) and another column called “% Complete”. 

You want the cell in the Status column to automatically change to “Complete” once someone adds 100% to the % Complete cell.

Previously, a change like this would need to be manual, or created with a complicated IF function.

Now with the “Change Cell Value” workflow, all we have to do is create a workflow that says:

  1. Trigger → When “% Complete” changes to “Any value”
  2. Condition → That value is 100%
  3. Action → Change Cell Value in “Status” to “Complete”

That’s it. 

Watch the Video for a Demonstration.

For more on the Change Cell Value workflow click here >>  

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