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Because this website uses an older two-step authentication method, when you download the software you might not see the updated version of the two-step authentication screens.

Kerberos provides secure authentication for various services at Stanford, such as Stanford OpenAFS.

  • For Windows, a utility called Network Identity Manager provides the graphical user interface for managing Kerberos functions.
  • For Mac,  Kerberos  is built in to Mac OS X.



The installer installs the 32-bit version on 32-bit Windows operating systems and the 64-bit version on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

32-bit operating system

  • Kerberos for Windows: 3.2.2
  • Network Identity Manager:

64-bit operating system

  • Kerberos for Windows: 7.4.0
  • Network Identity Manager:


  • Kerberos Commander for Mac:

System requirements

  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and later


  • Current faculty, staff, and students


  • If an application at Stanford requires Kerberos authentication (e.g., Stanford OpenAFS) you should be logged in to Kerberos before launching the application.
  • Your Kerberos authentication is in effect for 25 hours.