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How to clone a website in WordPress on Stanford Domains

You can create a dev WordPress site using the clone feature in cPanel on Stanford Domains.

Step 1: Create a New Sub-Domain

  1. Create a new sub-domains called
  2. Click on My Apps and find your and click on the clone icon.

Step 2: Clone your Website

  1. Click on My App to see your existing website.
  2. Locate the website you want to clone (source) and click the clone icon.
  3. Select the sub-domain that you created in previous steps. Leave the Directory field blank and click the clone icon.
  4. The clone is complete. You can now access and make modifications to your new dev site. 
    1. Access your new dev site by clicking the first link located under MY blog Clone.
    2. Click the setting icon to make changes to the website title.
    3. To start your design changes, click the second link located under MY blog Clone.
Last modified April 15, 2021