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How to Check for Voicemail Online

Currently, you can only access the Unity online voicemail portal through the Stanford network or through a hospital network, or by using VPN to access a Stanford or hospital network.

Note: The online voicemail portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Use a different browser to access the portal.

To check your messages from the portal:

  1. Log in to the web portal.

  2. Enter your single sign-on credentials or sign in to your voice mailbox.

  3. Your Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox appears.

    Image of Unity portal main page

  4. The Web Inbox shows the number of new voice messages, giving you the option to review and manage any message saved on the voicemail server.

Note: You can store up to 100 voicemail messages in your Web Inbox.

Note: If you forward voicemail to email and you delete a voicemail message from the Web Inbox, it is also deleted from your email.

Last modified March 10, 2023