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Vanity URL

With UIT’s new Vanity URL service you can create and manage custom Stanford URLs to redirect your website traffic.

Vanity URLs provide a shorter and more descriptive address that is easy to remember, type and share. For example, a URL like is easier to type and quicker to identify than

With your custom Stanford URL, you can also use the service to create short links to direct people to specific pages. For example, a URL like is simpler and more memorable than


With the Vanity URL tool, you can:

  • Replace a long web address with one that is shorter and more descriptive
  • Use Stanford Workgroup integration to :
    • Manage the Vanity URL destination 
      <domain> goes to
    • Renew, delete or set the expiration date on the Vanity URL or short links
    • Add a short link on the Vanity URL to go another location <domain><slug>

Designed for

Current faculty, staff, and students; departments, research groups, and officially registered student groups.


  • The Vanity URL must meet the requirements set out in the Stanford.EDU Name Assignment Policy.
  • An organization's Vanity URL must closely and unambiguously match its recognized title.
  • The Vanity URL must not already be in use or reserved.


Free of charge

Get started

  • To create and manage subdomains or Short URLs, log in to the Vanity URL tool with your SUNet ID.

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Last modified November 24, 2021