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How to maintain your organization's online listing in Organization Manager

An organization must have one or more persons assigned to enter and maintain information in Organization Manager in order to have its contact information available in the organization hierarchy view. Only the authorized maintainers for an organization can update its contact information. Learn more about finding or becoming a maintainer.

On the Organization Manager home page, click My Organizations then, the name of the organization whose information you want to update.

In the Contact section, maintainers can supplement a department online listing with the following information:     

  • General info email address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Mail Code - Campus location (automatically generated from the mail code you enter)
  • Address
  • Department website

Navigating an Organization Manager listing

Identifiers tab

The Identifiers tab displays the following information online for all organizations:

  • Full Display name
  • Display Full name
  • Administrative ID
  • Academic ID
  • Includes
  • Department affiliation displays as

Display name, Full name, Administrative ID, and Academic ID populate from the University Administration Organizational Hierarchy and are updated on a quarterly basis. 

You can optionally add Includes cross-reference information for your department.    

The Department affiliation displays as lists the optional alternate department name displayed in StanfordWho for individuals in your department. You can submit a Help request to add or update the Department affiliation displays as name.  

Maintainers tab

A current maintainer can add and remove other maintainers for the organization.

Cross Reference tab

A current maintainer can add an alternate name for your organization. The cross-reference will appear in the Includes section of the Identifiers tab.    

The Stanford organization hierarchy, as well as official organization names and codes, are maintained by the University Budget Office. That office publishes quarterly updates of organization data and handles all org code and name change requests, creation of new organizations, inactivation of defunct organizations, and other official changes. 


Last modified March 4, 2024