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Organization Manager

Application used by school, department, or organization members to maintain their contact information in the printed Stanford Directory

Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE) has discontinued the printed Stanford Directory.  Directory information is available in the new organization chart feature in StanfordWho and on departmental websites.

Organization Manager is a web application that allows departments to supplement their official listing in Stanford's OrgSearch with contact and descriptive information.

All official organizations at Stanford automatically have a basic listing in OrgSearch that consists of the official organization name and its administrative ID (org code). Maintainers using Organization Manager can supplement this basic listing with location and contact information, including a link to the organization's website or a staff and faculty directory.

After maintainers submit organization information online, they can choose to have the organization's information (including a faculty and staff directory) placed in the Annual Printed Directory, which relies on a snapshot of data from the online directory taken each year in the fall. Organizations must opt in to the printed directory, and once the organization is listed, it is automatically included each year until it chooses to opt out.


  • Appear in the Stanford online organization directory and Annual Printed Directory
  • Designate maintainers in your department who have access to edit your directory

Designed for

Faculty, staff, and students


An active SUNet ID is required.

Data security

This service is not intended for use with Moderate or High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office. 


Free of charge

Get started

Submit a Help ticket or contact your department maintainer for access.

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Please submit a Help ticket

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Last modified September 24, 2019