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Internet2 at Stanford

Internet2 is a high-performance network that is dedicated to advancing the research and academic education missions of member institutions. Stanford University is proud to be one of over 320+ higher education members of Internet2 and has access to its advanced network services and technologies. 

Stanford connects to Internet2 through CENIC’s CalREN-HPR network over geographically diverse, high-bandwidth, dedicated paths.

screenshot of CalREN and the World

screenshot of Internet2 Network Connections

Features and benefits of Internet2 include:

  • High-performance network: Internet2 provides a dedicated, high-speed network that is designed to support the unique requirements of research and education. The network offers high-speed, low-latency connections between Internet2 member institutions, as well as connections to other research networks around the world.
  • Advanced network services: Internet2 offers a range of advanced network services that are designed to support research and education, including custom layer 1-3 network services, Cloud services, NET+ and InCommon solutions. These services are delivered over a high-performance network infrastructure, which enables researchers and educators to collaborate and share data more effectively.
  • Community services: Internet2 is a collaborative community of researchers and educators who are dedicated to advancing the research and education missions of member institutions. The network offers opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other member institutions, as well as access to shared resources and expertise in research support.



Last modified March 20, 2023