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Google Play Console (GPC)

Create applications for Google hardware platforms with free Google resources

Stanford UIT provides access for faculty, staff, and approved vendors/contractors to Stanford's Google Play Console (GPC) account for mobile application development needs related to the university mission serving its faculty, staff, students, and visitors/affiliates. GPC is designed for Android software developers and provides access to developer resources necessary for creating, building, and distributing applications for Android hardware platforms.



  • Code signing certificates (development and distribution)
  • Test tracks
  • Pre-launch test reporting
  • Quality and performance metrics
  • User review analysis
  • Release dashboard
  • Staged rollouts
  • Google-certified device catalog
  • Acquisition reports
  • Translation requests

Designed for

This service is only available for developers of applications officially owned/sponsored by Stanford University and component organizations that are intended for distribution to a broad Stanford-affiliated audience. Personal Google Developer Program accounts are available from Google for developers creating applications that are not officially supported by the university, such as: applications developed by students for courses, applications developed for research studies, or most applications with limited audiences. Please note that if your request is approved for access to Stanford's Google Play Console account, your app(s) will need to comply with Stanford's identity and branding guidelinesaccessibility requirementsminimum privacy standardsdata risk classifications, and overall alignment with the university Code of Conduct and university values


  • Who is the target audience of the app? What is the approximate potential size of the audience of your app?
  • Who will need access to the developer account?
  • What types of certificates and keys will the developer of the app need access to on the account?
  • Who is the business owner of the app and its requirements/features?
  • Who will provide end user support for the app?
  • Is there ongoing funding for the development and maintenance of the app?
  • What integrated development environment (IDE) and/or continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) service will you be using for development? 
  • What language and framework stack will you be using for your app development?
  • What is the timeline for launching your app?


There is no charge for this service.

Get started

To request access to Stanford's Google Play Console account, submit a Help request.

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Last modified October 17, 2023