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How do prerequisites affect my authority in Authority Manager?

Some privileges require that you complete specific training, sign a confidentiality agreement, or meet some other condition before you can actually use the privilege. Authority Manager holds the privilege in a "pending" state until it is notified that the prerequisite has been completed. Once you've completed a given prerequisite, any other privilege that has the same prerequisite can be activated as soon as it's granted.

When you are assigned a privilege that has unmet prerequisites, you'll be informed by email which prerequisite(s) you need to complete, and your Person view will show a "pending prerequisites" status for that privilege. Click the icon to see the status of the specific prerequisite(s).

A list of people who have completed each prerequisite is maintained in Workgroup Manager. When you are added to a list, it may take up to a day for the privilege to be activated. See more about Authority Manager prerequisites.

Last modified November 15, 2016