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Voicemail Changing This Fall

Friday, May 11, 2018

In October, a new voicemail system will be rolled out to all faculty and staff at Stanford University, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health.

University IT (UIT) is changing voicemail systems to better align with Stanford’s current Cisco telephony infrastructure. None of your voicemail features will change with the transition, but you will need to learn a few procedure changes and record any voicemails you want to keep that are saved on the current system.

Here’s a look at what’s happening and how it affects you.

What will change

Because we are switching voicemail providers, you will experience a slightly different look and feel and and you will use a different access number if you dial in to voicemail. Furthermore, your saved voicemail messages will not be moved to the new system.

How to prepare for the change

You can ensure a smooth transition to the new system by visiting the Cisco Unity Voicemail transition page. There, you can learn how to manage your messages saved on the current system and learn how to use the new voicemail system.

We will provide more reminders between now and the rollout date to help make this transition as seamless as possible.

Learn more

See the Cisco Unity Voicemail transition page to learn more about the voicemail change, what you need to do, and how to get help.

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