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Techie Festival classes a big draw for staff

Held each August, the program provides timely and affordable learning opportunities
Friday, August 16, 2013

A Techie Festival instructor gets a show of hands from students in Turing Auditorium

For many Stanford employees, the realization hits sometime in July or August — all or a chunk of your $800 yearly training benefit has gone unspent. How can you find a training opportunity before STAP funds run out on September 1st (when the university resets each employee's account)? The answer is the annual Stanford Techie Festival, now in its fifth year.

An instructor interacts with attendees in a Techie Fest lecture class on project management.

The Technology Training group in IT Services presents this two-week series of classes and presentations each August. They gear the 3-hour, $125 lectures toward staff motivated to learn about practical IT topics, but lacking the time or money for a full-day class. 

Many Techie Fest classes deal with Stanford-specific topics that aren’t always covered in Tech Training’s regular curriculum. Here’s a sampling of what 2013’s attendees learned how to do:

  • Build a personal website with Drupal using Stanford Sites
  • Use iPhone and iPad apps to improve productivity;
  • Apply Stanford's new identity and themes to websites;
  • Use social media to achieve both business and personal value.

“It’s a way to join folks who share your interests and are looking for a timely, affordable learning experience,” noted Don Cameron, Tech Training’s course and marketing coordinator. 

“And remember, STAP Funds expire the end of August. Use ‘em or lose ‘em!”

Visit the 2013 Techie Festival website to learn more about the series.

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