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Souped Up SUPAD

Friday, April 22, 2022

The decentralized nature of many important Stanford systems and applications can be a bit frustrating and cause clutter in your browser bookmarks. Stanford University Personal Administrative Desktop (SUPAD) has got you covered with a new look and feel and enables you to search for links across categories and customize categories within the personal links section.

Why use SUPAD

SUPAD is a one-stop platform that allows you to view, launch, and bookmark links to Stanford-specific administrative applications and websites.

SUPAD can be accessed on any computer, with webauth, and is viewable on modern browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

New features

New SUPAD features offer you even more flexibility to personalize your SUPAD experience. And if you’re a SUPAD administrator with authorized access, you can edit, add, or deactivate SUPAD links. This approach guarantees more up-to-date links in the SUPAD portal for all users.

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