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New Verizon Mobile Plans Offer Cost Savings, Service Improvements

An unlimited data plan and a new international plan are now available to faculty and staff who use Stanford’s Verizon mobile service for business
Monday, September 18, 2017

There’s a new horizon for Verizon users at Stanford, thanks to efforts by University IT’s Mobile Device Services (MDS) team.

Recent contract negotiations between the team and Verizon resulted in two new plans offering unlimited data/tethering and improved options for those traveling for business.

Unlimited data plan reduces account overages

Stanford faculty and staff who use Verizon mobile service for business now have access to an unlimited voice, text, and data/tethering plan.

Prior to this change, the only data plan available to Stanford Verizon users was a 5GB option costing $56.98 per month. Due to the low data allocation offered on that plan, the result was a high percentage of data overages (i.e., additional fees) on user accounts.

Recognizing that an increasing amount of users were exceeding their domestic data overage allotment, MDS partnered with Verizon to formulate a solution.

“In negotiating with Verizon, our primary goal was to provide a cost savings to the Stanford community and offer the most competitive plan and pricing available,” commented Mellani Miller, MDS manager.

As a result of the partnership, the new unlimited data plan became available in August, costing users just $64 per month.

TravelPass allows travelers to stay connected abroad

In addition to the new unlimited data plan, MDS also negotiated a new international plan with Verizon called the TravelPass. This allows users to travel abroad and take their domestic talk, text, and data allowances with them for just $10 a day. It’s an economical way to stay connected while traveling.

Learn more

To learn more about these new plans, visit the Mobile Device Services website.

Department administrators and IT contacts should call 5-HELP (option 3) or submit a help ticket to activate the new plans. Please include the mobile number(s) of the account in the ticket description.

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