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Improve Your Website With New User Experience Design Service

Improve the usability and user experience of your website
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stanford Web Services (SWS) recently introduced a new User Experience (UX) Design Consulting service to help groups across the university improve the usability, user experience, and visual design of their websites.

The service provides an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced website designer to:

  • Test critical tasks on a website to ensure they are easy to accomplish.
  • Research and define the top goals for a website project.
  • Coach your team to ramp up their skill sets.
  • Design new menu structures.
  • Develop effective page layouts.

The service is designed for groups that are building their own website using Stanford tools and seeking guidance on how to improve any aspect of the website's user experience and design. It is also designed for groups that want advice on how to improve an existing site.

“As it’s become simpler for people to pick up tools and start building websites themselves, we’ve seen the rise of a new need: support for knowing what to build and why it’s important to make effective websites. Now you can talk with a professional about your project to dig into those questions,” said Linnea Williams, SWS’s manager of Customer Experience.

Service features

For a flat rate of $1,400, the service provides 10 hours of support from experienced web designers, plus two to three design activities, which could include:   

  • Design of user persona and goals.
  • Overview of Google Analytics.
  • Small, targeted user tests.
  • Wireframing page layouts for complex pages, and creation of information architecture (menu structure).
  • Visual guidance to design content with the most impact.

Learn more

To request this service or to ask SWS whether it’s right for you, submit this form.

To learn more about the service, visit the UX Design Consulting webpage.

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