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Global IT Research from Gartner Now Available to Stanford Community

Gartner informs and empowers readers by providing research and analysis on IT-related topics in easily relatable terms.
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

University IT, the School of Humanities & Sciences (H&S), and SLAC recently entered into a new agreement with Gartner, in order to offer all faculty, staff, and students free access to authoritative Gartner Research through a streamlined Stanford portal.

Recognized as a global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry, Gartner offers information on technologies, services, and industry trends. It also helps users translate complex issues into comprehensive advice and meaningful analysis.

“Gartner has been a valued resource for the H&S IT team over the past few years, helping us understand trends in the IT industry and assisting in vendor selection for IT initiatives in the school,” said Jon Pilat, Director of IT for H&S. “We are happy to partner with University IT and SLAC to extend access to the campus at large.”

Here are some ways Gartner IT Research can benefit the Stanford community:

  • Empower faculty with current trends in information technology, allowing them to bring real world, complex issues into the classroom.
  • Provide staff members information on how to improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions, analyze trends in the industry, and understand best practices.
  • Equip students with insight on the current trends in technology, information technology management, business issues, organizations, and strategy, as well as a global perspective on the IT industry. Gartner also produces lists of new, emerging vendors that students may want to work for after graduation.

To access the portal, visit: and login with your SUNet ID and password.

About Gartner

Gartner offers the combined brainpower of 1,200 research analysts and consultants who advise executives in 80 countries every day. The organization publishes tens of thousands of pages of original research annually and answers 200,000 client questions every year. The latest trends are analyzed and discussed in terms everyone can understand, and they take the “hype” and “myth” out of technology.

Gartner delivers this and more:

  • Vendor ratings
  • Emerging technologies
  • Educational articles
  • Industry statistics
  • Current IT trends
  • Cutting edge research

For more information about Gartner, please contact Matthew Ricks ( or Tracy Yuan ( of University IT.

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