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Dashlane Password Manager Available Free of Charge

Thursday, September 27, 2018

University IT is excited to make the Dashlane Premium password manager available free of charge to all current faculty, staff, and students.

The Information Security Office selected Dashlane after a thorough comparison of features and user experience across several competitors. While Dashlane is recommended and provided, alternative approved password managers are listed on the website.

Why use a password manager?

Remembering passwords for numerous applications can be burdensome. Dashlane addresses the problem by securely storing your passwords and keeping them synchronized across your phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. If you like, it can further simplify the process by automatically logging you into websites. Dashlane also helps you create unique, strong passwords for all of your accounts.

“We encourage the use of password managers, as they simplify your life and are a fast path to safer computing”, said Michael Duff, the university’s chief information security officer.

Get started

You can get more information about Dashlane and other Stanford approved password managers at . To begin using Dashlane, see the “Get started” section. For additional security, the Information Security Office strongly recommends protecting your Dashlane account with a strong master password and two-factor authentication.

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