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Collaboration Effort with GSB Brings EMET to Campus

Thursday, January 1, 2015

EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) is a free Microsoft security product that works to stop new unidentified attacks before they occur on your computer. EMET works with a small number of often targeted applications like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office and prevents common methods of exploitation from being used. It protects applications without accessing any user data.  Using EMET will prevent new malware and attacks from happening before Antivirus and security patches are aware they exist.

EMET is used widely around the valley in companies like Facebook and Google and is beginning to be considered a basic part of endpoint security. Through the joint effort of the Information Security Office (ISO) and Computer Resource Consulting (CRC), with beta testing by the Graduate School of Business (GSB), EMET has been deployed on nearly 700 computers, and is almost ready for deployment across all of Stanford. Efforts are in progress now to install EMET on Windows machines across Business Affairs in conjunction with ISO, IT Services, and Administrative Systems.

After EMET is deployed, users will have another layer of protection against all forms of exploitation of their computer.

For more information about EMET, please visit our EMET web page.

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