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240 Conference Rooms to be AV-Equipped by 2021

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

University IT’s Campus Audiovisual (AV) Project, which launched in July, will more than double the number of conference rooms equipped for video conferencing on campus over the next three years. By the end of the project, about one-third of the approximately 800 conference rooms on campus will be AV-equipped. 

The goal of the Campus AV project is to meet the rising demand for video conferencing services by increasing the the total number of AV-equipped rooms to 240 by the summer of 2021. The project will also simplify collaboration between staff on the main Stanford campus and those who will be working on the Stanford Redwood City campus, where staff will begin to move in the spring of 2019.

Increased AV-enabled rooms and video conferencing technology encourages virtual meetings, which decreases travel between the two campuses and supports our distributed workforce as more employees telecommute, work remotely, or use alternative worksites.

Room selection and upgrades

The project’s 20-member AV Strategy Team is working with conference room owners to ensure that the new AV-equipped conference rooms are distributed across the main campus (and at a few off-campus Stanford sites) and that all staff can reserve and use the majority of the rooms.

Conference rooms that are chosen for an AV upgrade must be commonly used, and ideally accommodate seven or more people. Upgrades are prioritized for departments that will interact the most with the Redwood City campus, and that do not have an AV-enabled conference room.

The AV upgrades include a display, a camera, one or more microphones, and a control panel.

Upgrades completed

Conference room upgrades began in September. The following four conference rooms have been upgraded:

  • 340 Bonair Siding, Room 142
  • Landau Building (579 Serra Mall), Room 225
  • Littlefield Center (365 Lasuen Street), Rooms 287 and L112

Upgrades scheduled

The project schedule, which is subject to change, includes upgrades to the following rooms between now and the end of March 2019:

  • 340 Bonair Siding, Room 101
  • Agassiz Building (120 Ocean View Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA), Room 11
  • Alumni Center (326 Galvez Street), Room 167, 256, 349, and 350
  • Crothers Memorial (621 Escondido Road), Room 101
  • Drell Residence (556 O’Connor Lane), Room 205
  • Escondite Cottage (150 Comstock Circle), Diana Conklin Conference Room
  • Lathrop Library (518 Memorial Way), Room 361
  • Littlefield Center (365 Lasuen Street), Room L16
  • Miller Library (120 Ocean View Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA), Baldridge
  • Mitchell Earth Sciences Building (397 Panama Mall), Room 361
  • Mudd Chemistry Building (333 Campus Drive), Room 3 North
  • Office of the General Counsel (Building 170), Room B20
  • Physics and Astrophysics Building (452 Lomita Mall), Room 102/103
  • Press Building (425 Santa Teresa Street), Room 126
  • Residential and Dining Enterprises Building (408 Panama Street), large conference room
  • Tresidder Union (459 Lagunita), Room a201 (VIP room)
  • Varian Physics Lab (382 Via Pueblo Mall), Room 208
  • Y2E2 Building (473 Via Ortega), Room 182

About 20 more rooms are scheduled for an AV upgrade between April and August 2019. During that time, the Campus AV Project team will plan the rooms to upgrade for the next fiscal year.


If you have questions or concerns about the AV room upgrades, please email Grace Quadro, Campus AV Project Product Manager.

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