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Privilege RESTful Web Services API


The Privilege API can be used to retrieve (by SUNetID) business authority or privileges granted via Authority Manager. Privileges are assignments or authority granted to an individual via Authority Manager to manage access to several administrative applications.

How to get started with the Privilege API

Follow the Middleware and Integration Services Integration (MaIS) checklist for RESTful Web Services. If you need help, are not sure whether the Web APIs are the best method for integrating with the registry, or just have some questions, contact the MaIS team.

HTTP status codes

Code Conditions
200 OK The usual successful return code.
403 Access Denied The request was made without valid certificate.
404 Not Found The record you're looking for doesn't exist.
500 Internal Server Error Something broke with our code. Please tell us about it.

Error handling

Privilege API sends error status via standard HTTP status codes (4xx or 5xx)

Get Privilege XML

Description Get Privilege XML
UAT URL{privilegeId}
Method GET
Returns 200 & Privilege XML
403 & error: not authorized to access the service.
404 & error: privilegeId is invalid.

privilegeId should be either sunetid or regid or univid

Last modified October 29, 2020