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UIT Server Disk Storage

Designed for server-class computers in UIT-managed data centers, there are two performance tiers: standard and high performance. Network protocols iSCSI, NFS and fiber channel are supported over a private network. The storage can be presented to the server as a local disks (LUNs).


  • Used for virtualization storage (datastore)
  • Used for database storage
  • Used for high-speed storage data access
  • Snapshot can be enabled for quick file recovery


Use this option when you…

  • Have a physical hardware or virtual server in a UIT-managed data center
  • Wish to use network storage options instead of purchasing direct-attached physical hardware
  • Can configure a secondary network interface for private network communications
  • Want to benefit from virus scanning of data when stored at rest
  • Don't wish to purchase and maintain direct-attached physical storage

Example Use Cases

  • Serving web application assets and content
  • Running a database server and wish to use lower-latency network storage
  • Application that requires high-speed storage data access

Cost Considerations

  • Pay by the gigabyte each month
  • Monthly iSCSI/LUN storage volume charges are for the entire reserved storage volume
  • One-time setup charge is required for physical servers
  • Snapshots are free but contribute to usage
  • Off-site data replication and traditional backups are optional service (additional cost)


  • Network storage support is provided by University IT. 
  • Support for Server Disk Storage is also provided by UIT professional support teams when it's included as part of an on-campus solution.
  • This may be included as part of a fully-managed, fully-supported solution (of your department IT)