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UIT Secure File Storage

Secure file sharing is available using CIFS and NFS* protocols; it's intended to be accessed by desktop and laptop computers. This includes high risk protected and non-protected health information. Off-campus connections are provided via Stanford VPN. Data is scanned for viruses while stored on campus.


  • Accessible from windows, macOS, linux computers (must follow secure file storage policy)
  • Integrated with windows Active Directory
  • Can be used with protected and non-protected health information (PHI)
  • Off-campus connections are provided via Stanford VPN
  • Data is scanned for viruses while stored on campus
  • Snapshots available for quick file recovery
  • No data limits on upload and downloads
  • Quota can be set for users, group, or storage tree
  • Optional DR/BC, backup and archive to a different data center or to cloud (additional cost)


Use this option when you…

  • Want a traditional point-and-click user experience with a server icon on the desktop
  • Want to only use software that's included with your operating system to connect to a server
  • No additional software needed to support native application (e.g. Microsoft Office, Mac Apps, etc.)
  • Users must have a SUNet ID.

Example Use Cases

  • File sharing on special locked-down computers or servers
  • Sharing files among workgroup or departments/schools
  • Replacement for department file servers
  • Collaborating while under an agreement that prohibits using third-party commercial software

Cost Considerations

  • “Secure CIFS File Storage” is available at no additional charge when handling high risk data
  • Charges are monthly and based on allocation
  • Snapshots are free but contribute to usage
  • Off-site data replication and traditional backups are optional service (additional cost)


  • Network storage support is provided by the University IT Storage team (or your department IT)