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UIT Media Storage

University IT designed the Media Storage service to meet the needs of a pre and post-production video editing workflow. The service is a complete shared-storage solution that supports collaboration across Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems while supporting the broadest range of applications.


Use this option when you need…

  • High-performance storage systems optimized to enable collaborative workflows, providing faster and cost-effective solutions for creation, management, processing. ( This is not a content delivery platform ). 
  • Proven high-performance media editing solutions on a shared platform.
  • Fast streaming and a large dataset, with automatic data tiering and protection across primary storage, extended online storage, and cloud storage.
  • Storage solution integration with leading public cloud storage vendors

Example Use Cases

  • The needs of a pre and post-production video editing workflow.

Cost Considerations

  • Rates are set as part of the design of the Media Storage service and will be specified in a custom Service Level Agreement, which will then get billed monthly as your IT bill. 


  • Support is provided by UIT Core Infrastructure team.