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AWS S3 Glacier Archive

Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive are two versions of long-term cloud archival storage storage from AWS. They are both intended for "set it and forget it" archiving where retrieval is highly unlikely and data is typically not overwritten.


Use this option when you…

  • Need long-term storage (years, decades)
  • Do not expect to read or otherwise access this data
  • Do not plan to overwrite or delete this data
  • Have very large volumes of data (at least hundreds of terabytes)
  • It's acceptable for restores to take hours or days

Example Use Cases

  • Long term archival storage due to regulatory or contractual requirements

Cost Considerations

  • Pay for what you use with no minimums
  • Cost may vary substantially month-to-month
  • The cost to store a gigabyte of data is low
  • Interacting with your data is expensive, however
  • Restoring you data can be expensive and slow
  • Deleting your data early will incur a charge


  • This service is accessible as part of your AWS account
  • Your AWS account will be provisioned by UIT Hosting Services
  • If your service is self-managed, you will be responsible for all aspects of security compliance associated with your AWS account
  • UIT professional services teams may include this service as part of fully-managed, fully-supported solution