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Link a Workgroup to Box

Stanford provides basic document management and collaboration through Linking a workgroup to Box creates a new Box workgroup folder using the existing Stanford Workgroup name and membership. All members of the workgroup automatically become collaborators with Edit permissions in the newly created box folder.

Once the Box workgroup folder is created, you can only use Workgroup Manager to maintain membership for Stanford users. Non-Stanford users can only be added and removed from within Box. 


  • Workgroup integration cannot be used to create Box workgroup folders from personal workgroups.
  • You cannot rename the Box workgroup folder; it must have the same name as the Stanford workgroup.
  • If you unlink a Box workgroup folder from the workgroup, the members of the Stanford workgroup will no longer see the folder or its contents in Box.
  • The process of linking a workgroup to Box can take some time. It can take up to 24 hours for the Box workgroup folder to appear in our list of Box folders.

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Last modified November 21, 2019