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Review and Manage Voicemail Online

Stanford University and School of Medicine

To manage your voicemail from the portal:

  1. Log in to the web portal at (Remind me how)
    The Welcome (Voice Messaging) screen displays.

      Welcome Screen

  2. Click Local Mailbox.
    The Voice Messaging Local Mailbox - Inbox screen opens.


  3. If you have multiple screens of messages, click Next or Previous to navigate. (Multiple screens are indicated by arrows on the Next and Previous tabs.)
  4. To delete a message, select the box to its left and click Delete.
  5. Click Get Mail to refresh the Inbox view to show new voice messages. New messages do not display automatically, so this action is required to ensure you're looking at an updated list.
  6. Click Folders to see a list of your folders with a summary of the number of messages in each.
  7. In the Sender column, click any link to access message information and a link to the voice message .wav file or fax .tiff file.

    Inbox message

    From this screen you can also:
    • Click Delete to delete the message.
    • Click Print To Fax to send a text email or a tiff attachment to a fax machine. Select a fax number and click Print To Fax.
    • Click Show Header to view detailed header information of the message. Click Hide Header to view basic information.
Last modified December 9, 2015