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Research Computing Hosting: Shipping and Receiving Instructions

Business Documents for Research Computing Hosting

Shipping and Receiving Instructions for Forsythe Hall

(Appendix B to Service Description document)

These instructions apply equally to equipment delivery and disposal.

The carrier must call Technical Facilities at least 24 hours prior to arrival to get final instructions, directions if needed, and to provide us with the date and time they will arrive.  If delivery or pick-up is planned for the first business day of the week (Monday), the shipper must call Facilities by Friday of the week prior.  You’ll find contact information at the end of this memo.

The Loading Dock is locked and unmanned.  The carrier must call one of the people listed at the end of this policy to gain access to the Dock.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to12 noon and from 1 to 4 p.m.  We may refuse delivery or pick-up outside of these time frames.

The address of the computer center is:

Stanford University
Forsythe Hall, Room 205
275 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94305-4140

The shipping label and bill of lading must include the following information:

  • The Stanford purchase order number(s).
  • Customer contact information. That is, the name and telephone number of the person you want notified of the delivery. This must be someone in the client’s organization, not the Buyer.

All deliveries are inside deliveries to the first or second floor. The drop-off point will be determined by Technical Facilities. The carrier must provide sufficient manpower, tools, pull straps, hand carts, and threshold plates needed to unpack and deliver equipment to its assigned area.

A lift gate is required for unloading/loading.

Access to the loading dock is off-set from the building and sometimes difficult to see. Please ask the driver to come to the front of the building (identified by a large, five-story parking structure in front of it); park in the drive way and come inside. Once inside, go to the Facilities office area on the second floor. Go through the glass doors to the left of the elevator and ask the receptionist for Sally Davis, or call our contact numbers on the next page in the order listed.

Small truck (30 feet or less in length including the cab) may use the loading dock. The dock will not accommodate a tractor-trailer.

Large trucks (over 30 feet in length) must park in front of the building and use the front entrance for pick-up/delivery. In this case, the trucker must provide Plyron or Masonite sufficient to cover the brick foyer in front of the building.  This material will protect the bricks from cracking under the weight of the equipment and safeguard the hardware from harsh vibration. Approximately 80 feet of material is needed to cover the distance from the drive-way to the front entrance. This is required ONLY if the front entrance is used.

Contact Information:

The primary contact for deliveries to Forsythe is Sally Davis.

  • Sally Davis (primary): Office (650) 723-9976; Cell (650) 387-6681
  • Ryan Quintos (secondary): (650) 736-2765
  • Terry Smith (alternate): Office (650) 721-1629; Cell (650) 739-5860
  • Tom Prussing (alternate): (650) 725-6168
  • Mark Tyx: (650) 723-5777

Directions from HWY 101 to Stanford University:

  • Exit San Antonio Road, West, to El Camino Real.
  • Turn right at El Camino and travel about 3 miles to Serra Street.
  • Turn left on Serra Street to enter the Stanford Campus.
  • Travel on Serra to Campus Drive East; turn right on Campus Drive.
  • Follow Campus Drive to Panama (about 1-1/2 miles), turn left from Campus Drive on to Panama Street.
  • Travel a short distance (about 300 yards) on Panama until you see a large, five-story parking garage on the right side of the road.  This is public parking for Forsythe Hall. The building is the large two-story structure just in front of the parking garage

Park in the driveway in front of the parking garage. (Note: The garage has a front and rear entrance, so you can block the front entrance to unload without affecting garage access.)

Last modified April 12, 2023