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Research Computing Hosting: Security Access Specifications

Business Documents for Research Computing Hosting

Security Access Specifications for Forsythe Hall

(Appendix A to Service Description document)

Secure Access to Forsythe Hall Data Centers

All individuals accessing the Forsythe Hall data centers are required to keep their Stanford University ID Card, pre-assigned Temporary Access Card, or assigned Forsythe Hall Day Pass clearly visible at all times while in the computer rooms.

Individuals, including guests, who do not have a Stanford University Identification Card or pre-assigned Temporary Access Card, must sign in at the sign-in station near the F235 door entrance and show a valid picture ID to gain access to the computer room.  A Technical Facilities staff member will assign the visitor a Forsythe Hall Day Pass, which must be visibly worn at all times while in the computer rooms. Visitor passes are only valid for one day.

Re-entry into the computer room will require a valid picture ID and a visitor Forsythe Hall Day Pass.

If a Technical Facilities staff member is unavailable,  use the phone at the sign-in station to contact an ITOC staff member at 3-1180.

ITOC manages access to Forsythe Hall during off-hours, weekends and holidays.  A courtesy phone is located at the main entrance and will ring directly to ITOC should access to the building and/or computing rooms be necessary. The same protocol mentioned above will apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Smith (650-739-5860) or your supervisor. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Last modified August 11, 2014