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OrderIT Help & Troubleshooting

This page includes information about how to get help with your bill from University IT, how to recognize and correct authority and access issues in OrderIT, and troubleshooting information for common tasks in the OrderIT program.

Recommended browsers

Problems with OrderIT and the Chrome web browser have been reported. See  Browser Recommendations for Administrative Applications for a list of supported browsers.

Billing dates

The billing cycle has changed to the first day of the month through the last of day of the month. Billing for services remaining in the old system will run on the old schedule, with billing reports running from the 24th of the month through the 23rd of the following month. See the Billing & Reports Summary Table page for more information about billing.

Questions about charges or your statement from University IT

The best way to get help for a charge or problem with your statement is to submit a Help request (university) or submit a request for SHC IT Services (Stanford Hospital). Always include the service number (such as 6507230019 or PBN-12345), billing month, a detailed description of the problem, when it started, and any other information that will help University IT staff to understand the issue and resolve it.

Change billing accounts

If the PTA or Cost Center has changed for one of your services, complete and submit the Change form for that service to update your account.

To change billing accounts:

  1. Go to the Change form for the service (for telephones, for example, use the Telephones Change form).
  2. Find your service by the old PTA or Cost Center.
  3. Change it to the new PTA or Cost Center.
  4. Submit the form.

If you have a Global PTA change, submit a HelpSU Request. In the request, please include the old and the new billing accounts. Stanford University employees can submit a Help request. Stanford Hospital employees, please go to SHC IT Services.

Help with OrderIT site access

The following issues are often caused by incorrect authority and access privileges:

  • Denial of access in the new OrderIT site
  • Missing accounts when running the Account Usage Report
  • Missing menu items in the main menu bar (like Order Services, Reports, or Client Reports)
  • Missing order form in the left column of the new OrderIT
  • The PTA you're trying to charge does not appear valid even when it should be fine

If you suspect an access issue, please submit a help request so that we can update your authority. Include your SUNet ID, the accounts (such as PTAs, orgs, or Cost Centers) you expect to charge, which forms or menu items are missing, and any error messages. Stanford University employees can submit a Help request. Stanford Hospital employees, please use SHC IT Services. An update can take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the system after it is entered.

Can't type information into a form or submit an order

If you can't fill out a form or submit an order because the screen is frozen, make sure that you have made a selection for each search result. When you search in the new OrderIT, the drop-down box appears empty after the search completes. Even if the search returned only one result, you must click the drop-down arrow and select the search result before you are allowed to enter any information into the form or submit the order.

To select a search result:

  1. After searching for the item you want to change, click the drop-down arrow in the empty unmarked field and select the search result. (The unmarked field will briefly show a "loading" message during the search.) The form becomes editable after you make your selection.


  2. Click the drop-down arrow in the empty unmarked field and select the search result.


  3. The form is now unlocked. Enter the desired information.

Help completing a form

Need help filling out a form? In each section, hover your cursor over the text next to the blue question mark to get help text for that section of the form. Make sure to hover over the text next to the question mark, not over the blue question mark itself.

hover text

Select the correct quad and building service location

When your order requires a service location, the form will prompt you to search by building name or by quad and building. Unlike the old OrderIT, the new system will not accept a blank instead of a "-" when you are searching for the quad and building.

You can enter a partial or the full building name in the search field and then choose the building from the search result. For example, the building "Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2)" can be found by searching for "Energy" or "Y2E2." Alternatively, you can search by quad and building. For example, a search for "14-200" results in the building "Forsythe Hall." No matter which search method you use, you must select the search result from the drop-down list, even if the search returns only one quad-building combination.

Note: If you cannot find the building, please submit a Help request. Stanford Hospital employees, please submit your request through SHC IT Services.


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Last modified November 14, 2018