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Integrating Third-Party Storage Services with Webmail

Microsoft Outlook on the web (webmail) is adding support support for select third-party storage services. In addition to OneDrive for Business, you are able to store and share documents using services like  Box.

After connecting a third-party storage provider to your Office 365 webmail account you're able to share and attach files directly from webmail.

Connect a third-party storage account

The following instructions show how to connect Box to your webmail account. Other third-party services will be added in the future; the setup is the same.

  1. In  a browser, log in to webmail (Outlook on the web).
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen click the Settings icon settings icon.
  3. In the Settings pane, in the Your app settings section, click Mail.
  4. In the Options pane, navigate to Mail > Attachment options > Storage accounts.
  5. In the center pane, where your storage accounts are listed, click Add Box.

    add Box to your storage accounts so that you can attach files from it
  6. Next you'll need to log in to Box to grant Outlook on the web access to your Box account. Click the link for Use Single Sign On (SSO).

    choose to log in with single sign-on
  7. Enter your email address and then click Authorize.

    enter your Stanford email address and then click Authorize to grant Outlook on the web access to Box
  8. If prompted,  log in with your SUNet ID and password. Two-step authentication may also be required.
  9. Click Grant access to Box to allow Microsoft Outlook to access your files and folders in Box.

    grant Outlook on the web read and write access to all files and folders stored in Box
  10. Return to webmail.  If Outlook was successfully granted access to your Box  account you'll see Box listed in the Storage accounts pane.
    Note: To remove access to files and folders in Box, click Remove.

    Box is listed as one of your storage accounts

Access files from a third-party storage account

  1. Log in to webmail and create a new email message.
  2. Click the paper clip icon and then click Cloud locations.

    email message with Cloud locations selected as storage location to attach file from
  3. The left pane displays a list of storage locations that can be accessed directly from webmail. Click Box to access  the files in your Stanford Box account.

    choose to access files directly from Box
Last modified January 8, 2019