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How to Add or Change Proxy Settings in Authority Manager

This feature allows you to designate someone to grant authority on your behalf, without giving them your actual authority, or your access to administrative systems. This feature is especially useful for high-level users to delegate the business of granting authority to an administrative associate. The person you select does not need to have any other type of authority.

An example for using authority-granting proxy

The senior associate dean of a school holds all of the financial approval authority for the school. When a new department manager joins the school, he must be assigned financial approval authority over his accounts. The senior associate dean doesn't have time to take care of it, but she has granted authority-granting proxy to her administrative associate. Upon instruction from the senior associate dean, the administrative associate is able to give the department manager the necessary financial authority through Authority Manager, even though the administrative associate does not have authority to approve expenditures for those accounts.

Granting authority as proxy

This feature allows a user to act as someone else in Authority Manger. That person must have explicitly granted the proxy access. Remember to switch back to yourself once you are done; otherwise you will continue to be acting as a proxy.

Image showing proxy as link and popup window

Last modified November 14, 2016