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How to Edit or Revoke Authority in Authority Manager

Before editing or revoking an Authority Manager assignment, the first step is to look up the person's record you want to change by clicking Find a Person.

Once you find the person and their record is displayed, you can edit or revoke the person's Authority Manager assignment.


Find the Limits & Conditions column.

  1. Click Conditions for the assignment you wish to change.
  2. A pop-up window will open.
  3. Change the Effective Until date or the Cannot, Can, or Can Only grant condition.
Screen says "Change conditions for this assignment." 


Revoke by assignment

  • Identify the row with the correct assignment to revoke.
  • You may need to click Show more rows to see all assignments (the last yellow row at the bottom). 
  • Click Revoke.
  • A confirmation window will open. Click OK or Cancel.

OK to revoke this privilege?

Revoke all assignments by business system

  • Identify the subsystem with all of the authority assignments you would like to revoke.
  • Click Show more rows if present (the last yellow row at the bottom).
  • Click Revoke All.
  • A confirmation window will open. Click OK or Cancel.
  • Note: Only those assignments you can grant will be revoked.
Click Revoke 
Last modified November 17, 2016