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Automated Call Distribution System Rates

University IT offers several tiers of eACD service to meet the most basic through complex needs of our clients.

A one-time charge includes design and implementation of call vector/call flow, e.g., call flow menus, (custom or generic) holiday, emergency, meeting, and delay announcements; agent telephone set design; agent login ID; and skillset configuration.


Service Level One-time Charge Monthly
eACD Standard (Hunt Group)

T&M $138/hour


eACD Enhanced Complexity Level 1
1–2 menus, 2–4 skillsets, 1–10 Virtual Directory Numbers (VDNs)



eACD Enhanced Complexity Level 2
3–6 menus, 5–8 skillsets, 11–30 Virtual Directory Numbers (VDNs)



eACD Enhanced Complexity Level 3
7+ menus, 9+ skillsets, 31+ Virtual Directory Numbers (VDNs)
Based on Scope


Licenses (one-time charge per unit):
Agent license (for Avaya phone)


IP agent license (for non-Avaya phone)


Supervisor license


Station license to support 2nd number on phone (optional)


  Purchase Price Monthly Lease Price
Phone/Sidecar bundle   $10
Last modified October 12, 2017