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Axess Refresh

Coming Aug. 9: An easier, more intuitive experience

Axess Refresh Overview

Axess Refresh is a project designed to improve how Axess looks and works.

This Axess upgrade will make it more user-friendly now and more adaptable for the future.

Computer and phone showing updated interface

Quick Background

  • AUGUST 9, 2022
    Axess Refresh updates will be released for all Axess users 
  • 2021
    The Axess Refresh project began development
  • 2020
    UIT conducted an assessment for opportunities to modernize Axess
  • 2013
    The last time Axess underwent significant updates

What you should know now

For general users:

The coming changes are designed to improve user experiences overall. Training is not required.


For Axess power users and certain business offices:

Some users in specific roles at Stanford might need additional orientation to the new look and feel. UIT is coordinating with these offices and individuals to provide updated documentation.

Planned Updates

Axess Refresh will bring users an improved interface and modernized backend. Planned updates include:

New look and feel

The new Axess interface is being designed to modernize the design for an easier, more intuitive user experience

Simplified navigation

Updated information architecture and user-centric design will make it easier to find what you need, when you need it

More mobile-friendly

Axess Refresh will make many pages and features more responsive for use with your mobile devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Axess being updated?
Axess Refresh is a project designed to apply important visual and technical updates to Axess, to make the experience better for everyone at Stanford. Axess Refresh will also make Axess more sustainable for the future, as the portal has not been significantly updated since 2013.
Will this update be opt-in or happen automatically?
This update will happen at the same time for everyone at Stanford. There is no early opt-in process or opt-out process.
Will this update involve any service down time?
Yes, the upgrade will be available on Tuesday, Aug. 9. The upgrade will require about three days of downtime over the preceding weekend (Friday afternoon through Monday). Depending on your role at Stanford, you will also be notified in other communications near the planned date.

More questions and answers will be added soon, as the Axess Refresh implementation dates approach.

Get Help

If you have questions or concerns about the upcoming changes to Axess, we're here to help.