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Enterprise Public VPN (Virtual Private Network)


UIT Infrastructure provides IPsec VPN connectivity to cloud providers for University partners planning to deploy new (or migrate legacy) enterprise applications or services to the cloud.  Potential University clients of this service must have both a demonstrated need and justifiable requirements.

A VPC or Virtual Private Cloud is a virtual network closely resembling a traditional network that you would normally operate in your own data center, with the scalability of various enterprise cloud service provides such as Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud Platform), Microsoft (Azure) and other potential enterprise-scale cloud providers.  The Stanford Enterprise Public VPN service is available for university clients that wish to deploy, host or scale application or service environments to one of the aforementioned cloud service providers.


  • Connectivity to public cloud VPC of client choosing, to the historic campus.
  • Connectivity provides encryption to/through public cloud virtual private gateway.
  • Connectivity supported via highly-available and redundant VPN hardware.


  • Cloud providers may impose caps on total bandwidth available.
  • IP address assignments will be provided by UIT Networking, following RFC1918 best practices.
  • Configuration, management and monitoring of the cloud VPCs are the responsibility of the client (application owner).
  • Connectivity to multiple cloud providers for the same application or service does not support hair-pinned routing through SUNet.

Get Started

To get started with the service open a Network Firewall General Request to request site-to-site VPN services.  Additionally please refer to the linked End User Guide for setting up an AWS VPC to SU EPV connection.

Last modified March 31, 2020