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CAB Meeting

CAB Meeting Attendance Guidelines

  • If you are the “Assigned to” (Change Owner) for a Change with a Risk/Impact of 1 or 2 and the change approval process has started, you or a representative from your group is required to attend the CAB  meeting either in person or via BlueJeans. Your attendance is important to the CAB audience, especially for Q&A. 
  • If you can’t come to the meeting, please make sure you send someone with first-hand knowledge of your scheduled Change to join the discussion.
  • Each workgroup within University IT should be represented at the CAB Meeting to review changes for impact to their area and communicate back to their group.
  • For those members of other IT support groups on campus, you are welcome to attend this new meeting
  • If you think or need help deciding on additional communication  outside CAB, see the "Planned Service Maintenance Communication" document for help with answering your questions.  And you can always contact directly.  Allow minimum of 2 weeks, more time is preferred.

CAB Meeting Weekly Agenda Includes

  • Risk/Impact 1 & 2 Changes (either Normal, Expedited, Informational) whether they are future or placed after previous CAB meeting
  • Emergency Change Requests
  • Other changes as requested by Change Assigned to or Assignment group Manager
  • Initial request for Standard Change Template
  • Extended Maintenance Winow & Freeze Period Announcements

CAB Meeting Invite

If you need to add the Weekly CAB Meeting to your calendar, please download, save and accept this .ICS file, good for June 2021 through June 2023.

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Last modified September 11, 2023