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Your Video Conferencing Partners

UIT Makes Video Conferencing Easier with its Room and Event Support Services
Monday, May 1, 2017

We want to make sure you know how to access and confidently leverage video conferencing technology.

As your partners, University IT experts can transform your meeting rooms into video conferencing or presentation rooms, support your existing video conferencing room technology, and provide single-event video conferencing support.

Transform your existing meeting room

Creating a collaboration space that includes video conferencing or presentation capabilities just got a whole lot easier. The UIT Build a Meeting Room service adds video conferencing or presentation capabilities to an existing room.

The Build a Meeting Room design service includes a consultation with UIT experts, who evaluate your room and recommend the best video conferencing and/or presentation systems for that space. They provide a bid for that transformation and, with approval, can purchase and install the system and provide training. It is an end-to-end turnkey solution.

Both video conferencing room and presentation room designs are available in standard small, medium, and large configurations (based on the room capacity), or the rooms can be custom built.

Easily support your meeting room

Another addition to our video conferencing solutions is Room Support.

This service provides ongoing technical support for an existing video conferencing or presentation room. The service includes pre-meeting consultations, in-room documentation, in-meeting remote phone support, and regular room sweeps to check cables and equipment.

The Room Support service is available for video conferencing or presentation rooms whether built by UIT or others. It does not include most classrooms, which are supported by the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning.

Get help with special video conferencing events

If you only need to host an occasional video conferencing event, our Event Support service is ideal for single-event support. Our staff sets up equipment and either runs it during the event or is available for onsite support as needed.

Learn more

  • Browse UIT's suite of video conferencing services at
  • Read about the changes in video conferencing services, including the introduction of Zoom at Stanford, in this news article.
  • Individual schools and departments may deliver these on-site services locally. Check with your local IT unit.
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