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What are three free technology tools that can improve your productivity at work?

Monday, August 1, 2016

It’s hard to narrow the list, but here are three of our favorite technology tools that cost you nada and can improve your productivity at work.

Workgroup Integration

Create linkages between workgroups you manage and other services, such as mailing lists, Stanford Box, Drupal websites, and more. Once you create a linkage, any membership change you make within your workgroup will also update in the other service's group, increasing your efficiency and productivity. Learn more about this tool at

Stanford Web Forms

Easily build web-based forms through a selection of pre-formatted fields and elements and preview the form as you're designing it. This tool is great for short surveys and polls, instructor evaluations, sign ups, collecting feedback, and more. Data collected through the forms can be emailed to the form owner and/or stored in a MySQL database where it can be viewed through a secure web interface. Learn more about this tool at

Communities of Practice

Join one or more of the 20-plus technology-based Communities of Practice (COPs) channels on Slack, aimed at supporting collaboration among Stanford professionals. These COPs foster open communication and information sharing around a common topic, and seek to create trusted relationships among Stanford colleagues who work in different areas of the university. Browse the directory of COPs at, or sign up on Slack at

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