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University IT Begins Search for CIO

Vice President for Business Affairs Randy Livingston appoints search committee, begins recruitment process for top University IT leader
Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Efforts are underway to recruit a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who will serve as a leader for University IT (UIT) and collaborate closely with distributed IT departments across campus.

The Chief Information Officer will be expected to provide strategic leadership for IT across the university, while continuing to knit together and integrate UIT as a world-class organization.

The recruitment process begins this month, with a goal to complete the search and selection of a candidate before the 2017 winter closure.

Search committee appointed

“Finding an innovative, collaborative, and experienced candidate who can best deliver strategic IT leadership for the university will take a comprehensive internal and external search,” explained Randy Livingston, vice president for Business Affairs.

To kick off the process, Livingston appointed a search committee who will work with key stakeholders to identify:

  • the primary challenges and opportunities facing UIT and Stanford’s distributed IT organizations, and
  • the essential characteristics a candidate must possess to lead these organizations forward.

The committee comprises 13 faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees who represent the diverse Stanford community.

In addition to the committee, which will be chaired by Livingston, an executive search firm will supplement the efforts to identify and recruit top candidates who possess the essential characteristics and demonstrate dedication to the mission and values of Stanford.

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If you have any questions about the search process, or have any suggestions for candidates, please contact Christine O’Keeffe, UIT Human Resources (

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