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Stanford Dials into Changes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

With the addition of two new hospitals and the expansion of Stanford clinical care across the Bay Area, a new campus-wide dialing plan is underway to meet the increasing need for Stanford phone numbers. It includes dialing changes for the Stanford operators and student residences.

“UIT will have released around 16,000 numbers to be repurposed at Stanford once the transition is complete,” said UIT product manager Grace Quadro, who described the vastness of the renumbering initiative.

Dial 200 for the operator

One of the first efforts towards the new dialing plan was to change the number to dial the Stanford operator. Now, you can no longer reach the Stanford operator by dialing 0 from a Stanford telephone, but instead, by dialing 200. 

This change, which took effect Aug. 1, opened up thousands of private numbers that can now be used by Stanford's hospital staff, particularly nurses, who rely on Voalte mobile phones for internal hospital telecommunications. 

Note: This change affects student resident lines differently. Visit the student telephone service page for information on dialing the Stanford operator from student resident lines.

New dialing plan for student residences

With changing telecommunication needs and the growing Stanford community, University IT (UIT) is moving all student resident phone numbers to a new dialing plan.

As part of this project, student resident lines will no longer be part of the on-campus five-digit dialing system. Rather, for numbers within the 650 area code — including on-campus numbers — students will dial seven digits. To call numbers outside of the 650 area code, they will dial 10 digits.

This change is happening in phases with 89 undergraduate residences transitioning to the new student dialing plan between now and February 2018. Following the undergraduate buildings, UIT will begin to transition 150 graduate buildings. Students will be notified as their residence is transitioned.

Learn more

  • To learn more about the Stanford operator dial change, read this announcement.
  • To learn more about telephone services for students and how to place calls, visit the service page.
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